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27 weeks in 27 photos

By Thea Klein-Mayer

It’s incredible how quickly 6 months go, especially in retrospect. Having been off the mountain for less than two weeks I am still wide-eyed in grocery stories. I still stare a little too long and people-watch a little too hard. I find myself reflecting on what just happened without enough distance to fully appreciate all of the growth I just participated in an entire season of growing food, living and working with 8 once-strangers, and learning from some truly wise souls. I want to share some of this with you and as a visual thinker, my words alone cannot do justice. Instead, I’ve compiled photos (below) that capture things that I loved about my time on the mountain.
Waking up to misty sunrises.
Prepping extravagant, farm fresh cooking.
Nibbling on greens in the garden.
Befriending all sorts of creatures, both familiar and…
…unfamiliar :)
Sipping hot tea (or coffee) to the smell of a wood stove fire and breakfast in the making.
Eating meals like this.
Gleaning wisdom from the bright minds of Highland County, including these talented potato planters. *
Learning through hands-on workshops.
Benefiting from the knowledge of my peers…
Keeping bees and catching swarms.
Basking in the beauty of the mountain.
Harvesting veggies….
Visiting neighboring gardeners, medicine makers, and sustainable innovators.
Harvesting honey for the first time in AMI history!
Participating in the local farmers’ market at the Highland Center. **
Touring local farms and learning about their methods.
Preserving, pickling, and fermenting for next year’s fellows.
Gathering with the broader AMI family.
…and more veggies! Building a mindset of plenty.
Building on the work of prior cohorts. (and basking in summer’s warmth)
Presenting on our permacultural design work.
Completing independent research projects
Witnessing fall from the farm.
Spending time with wonderful people.
Prepping for next year’s AMS fellows! ***

Photo credits:

* Paul K.

** Aaron B.

*** Sam T.

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