AMI Farm Fellow Capstone Project Resources
Community Cohesiveness via the Dinner Table
Katie Gilman examines several facets of a successful functioning, close-knit community. Different types of communities, from rural eco-villages to those in urban settings, are the subject of exploration and discussion as she connects ways growing and sharing food around the dinner table to how we can create a strong sense of care and responsibility for community and the environment that we inhabit.
Ecological Pest Management on the AMI Farm 
Nick Wittkofski will explain the varying approaches we use on the AMI Farm to bolster natural systems which help regulate pest populations, and why they make for a healthier approach to farming. Examples include: Bat Boxes and Environmental Pest Management (EPM).
Creating a Wildcrafted Apothecary: Syncing with the Seasons
Anna Minsky, Anna Tracht, and Sarah Merfeld will present the apothecary that they have created throughout the