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Moving on

By Emily Sullivan

We are done with Phase 1. We are almost ready to go to our respective Phase 2 placements where we will hopefully have a positive impact in our new communities. And hopefully we will be positively impacted by the upcoming experiences. It is just bizarre to think that we have been here for six months. Six months ago we didn’t know each other, we didn’t have to share a room unless we chose to, and we didn’t cook for anyone else unless it was a special treat. Six months ago, most of us didn’t know how to safely preserve foods. Most of us didn’t know how to cultivate mushrooms. We didn’t all necessarily know the difference between a self-pollinator and a perfect flower.

Aside from how much we’ve learned from Paul, Kayla, and the many wonderful workshop presenters, we’ve also learned so much from each other. At the risk of being a bit wordy, I’m going to tell you a bit about all of our wonderful talents in reverse alphabetical order.

Thea is a wonderfully kind and giving person. Not only is she skilled with a computer and design concepts, but her willingness to share those skills and the patience she has for all of our different learning styles is inspiring.
Shannon is so creative and calm even when the entire group is about to explode with nervous energy or anxiety. She is always ready to listen to a problem or offer calming advice when necessary.
Sam has the voice of an angel. Her easygoing nature balances the sometimes more serious of us. Her love of music and interest in sharing it has initiated more than a few dancing sing-a-longs.
Nick at 6’6”, not only can reach everything on the tallest shelf, but also challenges all of us to carefully consider the decisions made for the garden and how those decisions will impact the long term health of the farm.
Kelly brings an always-interesting combination of organization and free spiritedness. When at times she is the only person able to focus on a project, she also brings a refreshing air of silliness.
Kaz has brought an interesting perspective to our many conversations, both on the clock and off. He often gets us to think outside of the box we were comfortably nestled in.
Emily’s laugh and work ethic are contagious. She often takes on maybe too much, but certainly inspires me to work harder and be more selfless with my own time.
Aaron is extremely giving of his things. He has inspired me to be less selfish with my own belongings, whether it is food, drink, or a less perishable item. He also is quite a patient teacher, sharing his knowledge of soils and bread making.
To say the least, I have learned a lot from everyone here. They all have their special talents, large and small.
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