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This Next Season

By Matt Kitchen, AMI Fellow

How do you prepare for the next season?

In transition there’s so much to reason: What do I finish and what’s there to end? Should I start this plan? Or should I suspend thinking forward, before reflecting back, and let's not forget the importance of keeping good records so I don't lose track--especially when the season is fall and the next one is the coldest of all!

We planned steps to shore up the homestead for the colder months:

1. Knit all the tomatoes little sweaters, until a front brings in the cold weathers;

2. Harvest all the pumpkins before they die and then make lots and lots and lots of pie;

3. Process and store all of the year’s foodstuffs in the Timber Frame, sometimes with earmuffs;

4. Shovel tons of manure onto the garden and let it ripen, progress, and mature;

5. Do your best to get a firewood stash--don't only remember after rain’s splash;

6. When the channel says a freeze is coming, unscrew hoses and turn off the plumbing;

7. When subfreezing outside and rain here soon, we flip PJs for heights above the cardoons;

8. Now that sunrise isn’t crazy early, stand still in awe as the moon fades pearly;

9. Celebrate the season with everyone here, with Halloween, gratitude, and festive cheer;

10. Sit at the table with a cup of tea, and picture all the far places we’ll soon be;