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We invite farmers, backyard gardeners, food-lovers, students, and anyone with an appetite for learning to join us for our 2019 workshops. Allegheny Mountain Institute workshops provide the opportunity to learn hands-on from local experts and ask all of your gardening and food questions. Join us for fun-filled learning at the AMI at Augusta Health Farm in Fishersville, VA and our Allegheny Mountain Farm campus in Highland County, VA.

For questions and inquiries about AMI workshops and classes, please contact:

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For Farmers

Classes and Workshops to help you succeed, from seed to sale, and everything in between.

For Foodies

Tips, tastings, recipes, nutrition and more. If you love food as much as we do, welcome!

For Young Sprouts

Fun and learning for growing up green. Guaranteed to get little hands into soil and on real food.

For Green Thumbs

Join a community of gardeners who understand. We're with you all season long to keep growing.

Class and Event Calendar


For Farmers

Check the Class Calendar to Learn More

Produce Safety Alliance Grower Training

February 20, 2019

Grow Local Resource Fair & Potluck

June 12, 2019

Build Your Soil, Build Your Profits

June 5, 2019 I TICKETS HERE

Soil Management Principles

September 4, 2019 I TICKETS HERE


For Foodies and Homesteaders

Check the Class Calendar to Learn More

Seasonal Saturdays with Augusta Co. Library

February 9, 2019

Building Blocks of Nutrition: Fats

April 11, 2019

Sourdough Success

May 13, 2019  I  TICKETS HERE

Introduction to Beekeeping

Allegheny Farm - May 29, 2019  I  TICKETS HERE

The Art of the Chicken

Allegheny Farm - June 26, 2019  I  TICKETS HERE

Introduction to Fermentation

Allegheny Farm - July 13, 2019  TICKETS HERE

The Winter Veggie Re-FRESH

November 7, 2019 - Augusta Co. Library

Winter Eating Workshop, Potluck, and Raffle

February 19, 2019

Building Blocks of Nutrition: Protein

May 9, 2019

Edible Mushroom Cultivation

Allegheny Farm - May 22, 2019 I  TICKETS HERE

Building Blocks of Nutrition: Carbohydrates

June 13, 2019

Fermentation 101

June 26, 2019

Canning 101

Allegheny Farm - July 24, 2019  TICKETS HERE


For Young Sprouts

Check the Class Calendar to Learn More

Kids Cook: Farm to Fork Dinner

June 25, 2019  I  TICKETS HERE

Herbology on the Farm

September 25, 2019


For Green Thumbs

Check the Class Calendar to Learn More

Your Guide to Worm Composting

March 19, 2019

Container Gardening

April 18, 2019

Square Foot Gardening

April 30, 2019

Planning and Planting Your Garden

March 26, 2019

Plant with Perennials

April 23, 2019

Straw Bale Gardening and Alternative Growing

June 18, 2019

Seed Saving with Ira Wallace

July 2, 2019

Water Catchment and Rain Gardens

August 6, 2019

Understanding and Caring for Trees

Allegheny FarmSeptember 11, 2019  I  TICKETS HERE

Seed Saving with Ira Wallace

Allegheny Farm July 3, 2019  I  TICKETS HERE

Herbal Supports to Health

August 20, 2019

Home Compost Success

October 8, 2019

Build a Cold Frame

November 5, 2019

Home Cheesemaking at Newtown Baking


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